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Do you remember your first job?  I do.  At fifteen, my dad arranged for my first job as attendant at […]

Do you remember your first job?  I do.  At fifteen, my dad arranged for my first job as attendant at the mini-donuts stand at Valleyfair Amusement Park in Shakopee, Minnesota.  That’s right.  I took and  processed orders for soft drinks, cinnamon-sugar mini-donuts, and soft serve ice cream either right before or immediately after you rode Excalibur, the “part wood, part modern steel rollercoaster that thrills riders with straight drops and sharp banks…and 2,145 feet of tubular steel track twisted into a figure eight crisscross through the Minnesota wilderness.”

Thirty years, two college degrees, four pets, one marriage, and one progressive, successful, legal services professional career later, I have learned so many things I never knew I needed to know.   With RPC Strategies, I am in the exciting position to harness that knowledge and experience to help other small to mid-size businesses grow through the design and execution of customized marketing, sales and growth strategies.

Below is a list of the Marketing Strategies that RPC Strategies, LLC offers, pre-packaged, of course, in either the RiseRenew, or Regenerate packages.

  1. Business Management Documents.  Assist with drafting business plan and operations handbook.
  2. Product/Service Pricing.  Research and determine appropriate pricing for product and service offering.
  3. Website/SEO/SEM/CRM Marketing Operations.  Assist with website architecture including SEO/SEM, CRM integration and marketing automation.
  4. Zoho.  Build, maintain, and utilize Zoho for marketing, lead maintenance, and opportunity reporting.
  5. Content Marketing.  Design strategy for blog articles, podcasts, video interviews, press releases, and marketing calendar.
  6. Social Media.  Set up social media accounts and manage content strategy.
  7. Email Campaign.  Develop and manage email lists, monthly newsletter sequence, and follow-up workflow.
  8. Organic, Targeted Lead Generation.  Design, implement, and manage marketing, business development, and lead generation plans.
  9. Quarterly Analytics Reporting.  Prepare reporting on email campaigns, social media and marketing efforts, and conduct team meetings to discuss.
  10. Sales Training.  Prepare and facilitate sales training related to lead generation, and analytics reporting as needed.
  11. Trade Shows.  Map out business development strategy, attend, and participate as guest speaker.
  12. CEUs.  Develop Continuing Education Unit content, presentation format, accreditation, and marketing campaign.

Marketing – whether organic or paid – is an expense.  ​Therefore, every idea, every decision, every move we make should be designed to generate revenue.  How can RPC Strategies help you generate revenue?  Contact us so we can discuss a customized strategy for your business!

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